Alpha Payments Cloud

Alpha Payments Cloud provides unlimited payment, risk and commerce solution access to international banks and merchants

Alpha Payments Cloud consolidates the entire payments world onto one Payments-as-a-Service platform, the AlphaHub, that enables Banks, Merchants, PSPs and ISOs to access any payment type, any solution provider, anywhere in the World. The AlphaHub architecture delivers pre-integrated connectivity and customisable orchestration to a limitless set of third party service providers. This means the latest and most innovative payment processing capabilities can be utilised and new payment options extended to your customers faster than ever before. The AlphaHub’s orchestration layer enables users to customise down to the individual transaction layer using conditional logic, leveraging each solution’s unique functionality and benefits. Its configurable rule-based management interface exposes intricate exception handling and allows quick modifications to be made in response to your business needs while avoiding unnecessary, expensive and time consuming integrations.

Name CEO: Oliver Rajic
Founded in: 2012
Country: Ireland
Company Twitter: @AlphaPayments
Category: Payments


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