Bank Smart

The Bank SMART is simple banking at your fingertips - a new generation of banking: financial discount - the best quality at a low price - the first mobile bank in Poland.

The introduction of low cost finances is a new business model that will change the face of retail banking, just as the low-cost airline market has changed passenger transport completely, and discount stores have changed the retail market worldwide. The business paradigm is shifting; modern technologies allow both for the reduction of costs and an increase of the quality of our products and services. All this is for the benefit of our customers. Retail banking still operates within the old traditional rules, and friendly competition occurs primarily in the area of the marketing narrative. The comfortable status quo can only be changed by external competition that is not burdened with the baggage of the past. Our goal is to create a mobile financial discount – a digital bank without restrictions...

Name CEO: Slawomir Lachowski
Founded in: 2014
Country: Poland
Company Twitter: Bank Smart
Category: Challenger Banks


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