Billon is the 1st company to provide live blockchain mobile P2P payments, integrated with 3 banks in the EU, and supporting government currency only.

Billon solves the problem of how to move the $2 trillion in "alternative non-card payments" onto an open, global, mobile P2P platform without the hassle of needing a bank account, and without underlying transaction cost. Billon's distributed ledger technology is integrated within a bank, eliminating 90% of the underlying service cost, and thus transforming unprofitable, sub $10 transactions into profitable relationships. Billon's technology has been accepted by 2 regulators in the EU, and Billon is the winner of Citibank's Mobile Challenge as "most innovative blockchain company".

Name CEO: Andrzej Horoszczak
Founded in: 2013
Country: Poland
Company Twitter: @BillonCash
Category: Blockchain / Bitcoin


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