Birdee is a robo-advisor solution placing clients at the heart of the investment advice, and offering a smart suite of portfolio management applications.

Birdee is an investment management company offering an online discretionary portfolio service for Mass Affluent investors. Through a combination of algorithms, it lets investors choose the portfolio, created by its experts, that best meets their expectations and risk profiles. For everything we do at Birdee, we want to make money a better support for what comes next. That’s why Birdee presents today a service that actually fills the gap between a saving account and actively managed funds, matching the simplicity and cash availability of the first with the performance of the second. With Birdee, investors can choose their portfolio differently: they can whether select it in function of the risk-return that best suits them, or in function of a wider investment theme they believe in. Besides, it offers transparent and simple monitoring over your money. It helps you grow it and understand when, how and why it fluctuates through smart notifications explaining you simply what happens. You can even choose their frequency and the level of detail of the explanation. With those smart notifications, we intend to reconnect people with that money they rightly own, but which they often lose track of, due to the lack of transparency of the current financial system. Birdee is proposed through two forms: Birdee Institutional and Birdee Money Experts. With Institutional, we propose our technology and expertise to financial institutions willing to provide to their clients a new automated service for discretionary portfolio management. With Money Experts investors will be proposed to directly invest in our portfolios, starting from as low as €1.000. Clients will have a permanent access, via the web or their mobile device, to the full information on their portfolios, and will be able to add or withdraw money at any time.

Name CEO: Geoffroy de Schrevel
Founded in: 2015
Country: Belgium
Company Twitter: @birdee_co
Category: PFM Robo Advisory (Asset, Wealth, ForEx, Trading, Investing)


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