Borro is a fast-growing online platform for short-term loans secured by luxury assets and property

Borro targets affluent clients and business owners. Since 2011, Borro has originated £166m, using millions of rows of data to underwrite its portfolio. Borro provides finance for a broad range of assets including property, fine art, jewellery, watches, classic cars, fine wine, and other valuables. Specialists examine 300 data points for every loan, including Borro’s internal database of over 50,000 assets. Borro can lend from £10k to over £1m and more than 75% of the loans are completed within 24 hours from valuation. Clients use Borro's loans for various reasons, including funding investments or meeting unexpected expenses. Every piece of fine art has a roof and Borro provides their owners with a simple way to leverage these assets whenever a need arises. Borro’s online presence, combined with offices in London, New York, and Los Angeles allows Borro to service clients across the UK and the US.

Name CEO: Paul Aitken
Founded in: 2008
Country: United Kingdom
Company Twitter: @borrobuzz
Category: Alternative Finance


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