Our business is exchange and management of virtual currencies. BTCX started in 2012 and are truly veterans of blocktech.

Goobit AB is the oldest and exteremely successful blocktech company in the Swedish financial tech industry. We are market leaders in digital wallets, exchange- and payment solutions for virtual currencies using the blockchain. Goobit explores what possibilities lies ahead of us and what the technology can offer for the financial industry. The company was founded in 2012 and is primarily owned by Christian Ander and it’s key employees. The goal for Goobit is, to offer both a service platform for end users and a technical platform for traditional banks and financial institutions, to enable instant payments-, exchange and wallet solutions, worldwide, using the blockchain. The technology is expected to expand rapidly and become the backbone for the future of trade and finance. The new and emerging market, internet of value, can handle payment streams and contracts of both virtual and traditional securities. Goobit has developed a strong and secure platform and has an important role to take in this technology development. Try out and get your bitcoins in 3 minutes with BTCX express

Name CEO: Christian Ander
Founded in: 2012
Country: Sweden
Company Twitter: @btcxnews
Category: Blockchain / Bitcoin


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