Bunq bank gives you control over your money.

We're bunq and we're really into resocialising money. Together. Some people are pushed by money. We'd rather be led by dreams. Tech is the answer. No bad loans, suits or ties. Through coding we empower you to focus on what you do with your money. Profiting on interest is ethically wrong. We simply keep your money safe. We steer clear of risky investments. Access to the app is protected using the latest biometric technology. That’s why we've built a great app. Payments boring? Spice it up baby! Add emoji and pictures wherever you like. Go Dutch! Split the bill after a great dinner with your friends. Without hassle. One card for all. Instantly link your card to your team’s account for a round of beer. Switch back when you buy groceries.

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Name CEO: Ali Niknam
Founded in: 2013
Country: Netherlands
Website: www.bunq.com
Company Twitter: @bunq
Category: Challenger Banks


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