Capayable is the most affordable post payment solution of the Netherlands. Up to 30% more turnover with the Capayable pay later option.

Capayable is the most affordable post payment solution of the Netherlands. Post payment by Capayable offers your costumers a comfortable method of paying. This creates more conversion for your webshop and additionally it provides a boost to customer satisfaction. Why is it attractive? The Capayable pay later option lets you make life easier for your customers. You show trust, which your customers appreciate and that goes towards building a good relationship. Allowing your customers to pay later is also a way to significantly boost your turnover. The pay later option doesn’t take long to implement. How does it work? While your customer is placing an order in your webshop, we check whether he or she is eligible for the pay later option. This takes place in real time via a link to a Capayable webservice. If the check reveals that your customer is indeed eligible to pay later, he or she will be able to select this option during the ordering process. But Capayable does more. We can also collect your unpaid invoices, take over your entire invoicing process and eventually take over your receivables. This is not a requirement: it’s up to you whether you invite other parties to take over your receivables. We are also flexible and have professional solutions that offer you convenience and benefits: • Accounts receivables management • Collection of unpaid invoices • Acquisition of outstanding receivables Is your customer defaulting on payment? Then Capayable will collect the outstanding debt or take over your invoice. And we will treat your customer with due respect and care to ensure your relationship remains optimal.

Name CEO: Patrick van de Graaf
Founded in: 2013
Country: Netherlands
Company Twitter: @capayable
Category: Payments


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