At Checq we want to connect retailers and consumers in order to let them both benefit from each other using Checq.

On a yearly basis there are over 9.000.000 trees destroyed because of printing a paper receipt. With Checq we are digitalizing all the receipts and changing the payment routine and receipt handling forever. Checq is the most advanced and easy to use mobile and web-based platform which allows consumers to receive all their receipts on one easy to access, online platform. Allowing consumers to receive their receipts as digital ones, we create major benefits for both consumers as well as retailers. Consumers are provided with the possibility to have their receipts anywhere, anytime, which allows them to easily return purchases and claim warranty rights. We allow business users to file their business expenses in the easiest and most efficient way possible. For the retailing side of the market, we offer enormous benefits as well, which allows retailers to really connect with their customers. Retailers can send out personalized, based on the information users provide themselves. Discounts, loyalty programs and many more benefits are easily implemented in the organizational environment using the Checq platform. At Checq we want to ease life, for both consumers as well as retailers. Connecting them, we will set off a revolution and we will change retailing and the payment routine forever. Checq, easy and simple.

Name CEO: Koen ter Avest
Founded in: 2015
Country: Netherlands
Company Twitter: @KOENCHECQ
Category: Payments


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