Consumatrix is a provider of financial consumerdata & predicting models.

Consumatrix is a provider of financial consumerdata & predicting models. We turn data from open data, surveys, social media and enterprise systems into valuable business information and actionable consumer insights that help leading companies. We deliver three solutions for professionals and consumers. 1) Consumatrix, a leading AVM ( Automated Valution Model ) provider, has been building property valuation and collateral risk management tools for more than 10 years and remains at the market forefront by continually refining our solutions. We are servicing more than 1200 real estate agents with housing valuation reports. Our housing valuation model is expanding in Europe. 2) New customers are always welcome. But is the new customer is also a good customer, and he actually fits well within your customer profile? In order to get that answer, it is important to clarify what to expect credit and payment behavior of customers will be new. With the productline we deliver consumer credit scoring solutions for leading companies in the Netherlands. 3) GarantPay: After our unique review of your eStore checkout, we take over the entire risk of non-payment. This means that we always guarantee full payment to you, irrespective of whether the consumer pays, so you can make post-payment available to every consumer. On average, conversion rates rise by 15% if GarantPay is available as a payment method.

Name CEO: Luke Liplijn
Founded in: 2015
Country: Netherlands
Company Twitter: @consumatrixnl
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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