Smart working capital for SMEs that relies on an innovative securitization-based invoice factoring service

Créancio helps small businesses secure steady cash-flows through innovative invoice funding. SMEs upload outstanding invoices online and receivre immediate payment. Créancio also leverages technology to deliver lightning-fast credit decisions (24H approval process). As true partner to SMEs, Créancio differs from traditional factoring and banking services with: -FLEXIBILITY : Créancio allows for great maneuverability of the funding program, with collaborative assistance and a transparent fee structure. -CONFIDENTIALITY : Créancio usually does not notify final clients of the invoices assignments, an exclusive feature in factoring for SMEs that ensures minimal interference in day-to-day management. -INDEPENDENCE : Créancio is provided by professionals independent of the banking system through an innovative securitization structure. Créancio was initiated by Groupe GTI, a structured finance expert with over €2bn in AUM, intending to adapt this powerful alternative solution usually reserved to corporations.

Name CEO: Alexandre WEISS
Founded in: 2015
Country: France
Company Twitter: @creancio
Category: Alternative Finance


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