Cringle GmbH

Cringle App: Your mobile ticket for the millennial payments club

Cringle was born to unclutter the cumbersome payment scheme and to make P2P Payments accessible anytime for anyone. We make moving money fun and easy. Our technology enables P2P payments by connecting the bank accounts with mobile numbers and our minimalistic design and simple registration process explains how we successfully integrated Cringle into our users’ lives daily. With our intuitive smartphone App, our users can send and receive money in under 10 seconds. Thanks to our open system, your friends don't even need to install the App to receive your payments! P2P is more than a niche and we are aware of it! Since 2014, we provide solutions for day-to-day pain-points like cash handling and expense sharing and all our users can find their own use case. It could be about paying back a colleague the lunch bill or splitting the birthday gift for your classmate; we provide for all! Backed up by strong investors like Axel Springer; Cringle services are currently available in Germany & Austria. We are investing heavily on expansion and are looking for pioneer banks to pave the way for creating a strong P2P Payment scene in Europe. Download & see it for yourself!

Name CEO: Joschka Friedag
Founded in: 2014
Country: Germany
Company Twitter: @cringlenet
Category: Payments


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