Cubits is a European secure and professional platform for buying, exchanging, storing, and accepting Bitcoin.

We are building the future of finance. By combining the power of Bitcoin and Blockchain with traditional finance tools, we introduce a new era of Finance, where payments are faster, cheaper and more secure. We make Bitcoin accessible to everyone by providing the following items: • An easy and Europe's fastest option for buying and selling Bitcoin • A Cubits Wallet that allows users to send and receive Bitcoin instantly everywhere in the world. • A seamless experience for businesses to accept Bitcoin at their stores Cubits is always involved in projects which introduce fast and convenient cash-out solutions for users. In 2015, we brought Bitcoin ATMs to Greece and Poland allowing users withdraw funds straight from their Bitcoin balance. In June, we enabled Bitcoin donations for a number of charities through partnership with a non-profit fundraising service Wikando. In October, we collaborated with Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Islamic Relief Deutschland, Pro Asyl, CARE, and the UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe to launch a 0%-fee Bitcoin donations platform. We aspire to be the biggest blockchain-based financial institution in Europe - leaders of finance fit for a global society - empowering instant financial communication between anyone, anywhere in the world.

Name CEO: Tim Rehder
Founded in: 2014
Country: United Kingdom
Company Twitter: @CubitsBTC
Category: Blockchain / Bitcoin


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