Currency Cloud

We are driving the transformation of the payments landscape to make international business and new markets accessible to everyone. Moving money should be easy

We are the power inside some of the most exciting businesses in the financial services and FinTech sector. We have over 150 clients who directly use our Payments Engine. This in turn serves 500,000 end users i.e. business or consumer customers of our clients. We now process in excess of $15B in payments every year, across more than 40 currencies in 212 countries. Our developer-friendly API sits at the heart of our offering. This takes the complexity out of payments for our clients and allows them to build sophisticated and highly customised features and services for their own customers, and then manage the payment workflow. Our online interface, Currency Cloud Direct, automates processing, removes manual workflows and reduces the likelihood of error. We use advanced technology to price currency transfers at a wholesale rate, giving clients total transparency around FX conversion rates. This year, we launched Payment Engine Two – a next generation API that enables faster payment speeds and increased volume capabilities, as well as giving clients even greater flexibility to customise and manage their payment flows according to individual business needs. Quick, secure, and transparent international payments will continue to grow in importance in an increasingly connected world.

Name CEO: Michael Laven
Founded in: 2012
Country: United Kingdom
Company Twitter: @currency_cloud
Category: Payments


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