Built on the Mastercard network, Curve unites everyday payment cards into a single card and app. This unlocks multiple benefits for the end user to transform their relationship with their money.

Curve has set out to create a single, efficient and user-focused touchpoint between a user and their money. Unlike other companies in the fintech space, Curve's innovation lies in layering on top of the existing banking and payments systems, providing tools that consolidate and simplify the architecture, rather than replacing it. This means Curve doesn’t require any shifts in behaviour or radically different infrastructure that would limit adoption and usage. With one payment card and one app, built on MasterCard’s network, Curve solves the problems that have hindered the adoption of mobile payments. Uniting payments in one place unlocks value for the user; for example, circumventing unnecessary bank charges such as FX/ATM charges. The Curve app allows the user to monitor all expenditure in real-time. Finally, Curve protects financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems.

Name CEO: Shachar Bialick
Founded in: 2015
Country: United Kingdom
Company Twitter: Curve
Category: Payments


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