Dansk Faktura Børs A/S

Danish based B2B receivables marketplace where SME’s get access to liquidity by selling their invoices.

Dansk Faktura Børs is a Danish based B2B invoice/receivables exchange/marketplace. An exchange for account receivables, where SME’s get access to liquidity by selling their invoices against credit worthy debtors, and institutional investors get access to a unique asset class at gross prices while getting superior short-term yields. The sellers on the exchange are typically Danish suppliers looking to be paid immediately after completing their work instead of waiting 30, 60, 90 or 120 days. Debtors (the ones who pay the invoices) are typically credit worthy Nordic companies or government/state. Yields are currently in the range from 5-15% p.a. I.e. an invoice toward Danish government would currently yield 5-7% p.a., which is a big mark-up compared to Danish government bonds. All invoices are approved by the Debtor before being put on auction.

Name CEO: Kasper Oldby
Founded in: 2011
Country: Denmark
Website: Dansk Faktura Børs A/S
Company Twitter: @fakturaborsen
Category: Alternative Finance


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