DEGIRO provides all investors with transparent institutional rates thanks to its innovative technology. We offer fees which are on average 84% lower than our competitors.

Cutting-edge technological innovation lies at the heart of DEGIRO's core values. DEGIRO develops its own software and solid IT-structure in-house. This, together with its cost-based approach and efficiency, enables DEGIRO to provide all investors with transparent institutional rates which are on average 80% lower than its competitors. DEGIRO’s vision is to provide both professional and retail investors with a highly innovative and low-cost alternative to the existing range of brokerage platforms. Safety is also taken to the next level by segregating not only assets (including derivatives) from DEGIRO and third parties but also the client’s money is held separately, this in contrast to other banks/brokers who hold it on their own balance. Low prices combined with a secure, reliable and innovative trading platform has resulted in rapid growth throughout Europe and makes DEGIRO the fastest growing broker ever. Transparency stands in high regard with DEGIRO and it aims to continue to be a sound and reliable financial institution.

Name CEO: Gijs Nagel
Founded in: 2013
Country: Netherlands
Company Twitter: @degironl
Category: PFM Robo Advisory (Asset, Wealth, ForEx, Trading, Investing)


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