Diamond Coin

Diamond coin is the first Digital Currency fully backed by Investment Diamonds

At Blockchain-Innovation.com, we use cutting-edge technology and our in-depth knowledge about commodities and the financial markets to offer true innovation to our clients. The solutions we provide are secure by design, disruptively efficient, and focus on real privacy. We will work with the most reputable and professional counterparties only, in order to provide true excellence in client service and process execution. BLockchain-Innovation.com is the creator of DIAMOND COIN. Diamond coin is the first Digital Currency fully backed by Investment Diamonds: * a currency without Central Bank excesses * backed by the highest quality collateral * no arbitrary inflation or negative interest rates * highly efficient transactions * a true, secure storage of value Why should you bother: Massive expansion of Central Bank Money supply – Diamond Coin supply is naturally bounded Competitive devaluation of all major currencies (USD, EUR, CHF, JPY, Yuan) – Diamond Coin value may increase Unsolved credit risks of commercial banks in Europe, China, Latin America – Diamond Coins have no credit risk The next stock market crisis may correlate with a bond crisis due to loss of confidence in governments – Diamonds have been an excellent safe haven for centuries International money transfer is cumbersome and expensive – Diamond Coin transfers are fast and extremely low-cost

Name CEO: Mathias Bucher
Founded in:
Country: Switzerland
Website: www.dmcoin.net
Company Twitter:
Category: Blockchain / Bitcoin


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