Digicash Payments

Inspiring mobile payment technology for banks & the payment industry

Digicash Payments runs Luxembourg’s retail banks’ digital payment product, one of the most advanced and successful fully digital consumer payment infrastructures in the world. The solution is implemented by 5 major retail banks, covering 90% primary accounts in the country and is live since 2012. With over 22% of Luxembourg's entire population using the App and being able to send money to peers or pay 70% of invoices issued, shop online with 50% E-merchants or pay contactless in 1 shop out of 10 combined with their favourite Merchants' loyalty programs, the solution is increasingly demanded by consumers and merchants. The company provides a white-labelled digital payment authorisation platform and App, fitting neatly into banks’ and PSPs’ infrastructures, using existing underlying payment channels (transfers, cards …) and smartly integrated with retailers’ POS and e-commerce systems. It is fully UX focused, effectively integrating value-added services, for both proximity and remote payments. It also provides a “Digicash Beacon” for payment acceptance at the POS, as well as a nifty payment terminal integration and a full set of APIs/SDK for banks and merchants. Digicash Payments holds a full EU Payment Institution license and is based in Luxembourg, leading financial centre and payments innovation hotspot.

Name CEO: Raoul Mulheims
Founded in: 2012
Country: Luxembourg
Website: www.digica.sh
Company Twitter: @digi_cash
Category: Payments


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