Doccle cooperates to provide one click digital & connected administration in an ecosystem of companies & the community.

Doccle is a mission with a business focusing on simplifying digital interactions in networks through cooperation. We innovate through the business model to enable companies to reach their clients and to lower the barrier for consumers and small businesses to do their administration digitally. Doccle is an innovative ecosystem & community platform dedicated to allow individuals to connect with their suppliers. Once connected you receive every important banking/insurance document directly in your personal digital archive. An invoice can be paid one click, Sepa mandates can be activated, a contract can be signed, a form can be filled in, documents can be shared. Connecting and interacting with suppliers becomes as easy as connecting with friends on facebook and professional relations on linkedin. Doccle creates augmented information by adding context to your important data : context to pay, context to interact and context to connect with others. It reduces late payments with 50 % and improves dramatically the NPS. Doccle has launched in 2014 and has 25 large organizations as member and 700.000 users connected. Turnover of 4.000.000 €. Thanks to the business model we were able to have a massive scale from day one together with an extreme user experience.

Name CEO: Bram Lerouge
Founded in: 2014
Country: Belgium
Company Twitter: @docclebe
Category: Innovative Banking Software


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