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bijBouwe - Mortgage without a bank

Back in the days if you needed a mortgage you went to your local bank and you talked to an advisor. But those days were long, long ago. Nowadays mortgages are the next frontier of Fintech. We reinvented the mortgage process and brought it to the 2016 standards with bijBouwe, the mortgage without a bank. bijBouwe decreased the time of a mortgage application from 6 weeks to 10 minutes by reinventing the process and offering the complete process online. After a customer fills out the online form, the decision on the application is made in an instant and the customer receives a personal offer with a specification of the loan amount, interest rate and the monthly mortgage payment. The instant decision is made possible by the launch of the bijBouwe platform which cuts out all middlemen by directly connecting customers with institutional investors. After the application the customer can easily upload the required documents in order to validate the submitted information and finalize the application. The customer can be at the notary within 5 days. For mortgage applicants this means an easier, faster and cheaper mortgage. And because different institutional investors are investing there is a wide range of interest periods to choose from. For institutional investors this means an interesting channel to enter the mortgage market, because the durations and risk classes can be chosen. And even better: our platform enables our investors to trade their specific loan receivables with eachother in order to optimize their exposures for their changing risk/return preferences. bijBouwe was launched by Dynamic Credit.

Name CEO: Bouwe Kuik
Founded in: 2015
Country: Netherlands
Website: www.bijbouwe.nl
Company Twitter: @bijbouwe
Category: Alternative Finance


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