Edebex is a B2B electronic marketplace that allows companies with treasury needs to sell outstanding invoices to cash-rich companies looking for short-term investment opportunities.

Edebex is a peer-to-peer B2B factoring platform. It brings together companies looking for liquidity and companies looking for short-term investment opportunities. • Sellers receive the invoice amount – minus a discount – from the buyers within 72 hours. • The discount is based on the due date and the credit rating of the seller’s client • Their client pays Edebex on the due date of the invoice. That amount is then transferred to the buyer. • Invoices are insured against non-payment, thus limiting the risk for buyers and sellers alike. The platform invoices fees to the buyer – paid immediately using a credit card – for each invoice sold.

Name CEO: Xavier Corman
Founded in: 2013
Country: Belgium
Website: https://edebex.com/
Company Twitter: @Edebex
Category: Alternative Finance


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