Emerging Crowd

Emerging crowd is the full-service investment crowdfunding platform for investors seeking safe and secure access to early and growth-stage companies in frontier and emerging markets.

Emerging Crowd is the full-service investment crowdfunding platform focused on early and growth-stage companies in frontier and emerging markets. The platform gives retail, family office and institutional investors across Europe and elsewhere unprecedented direct access to equity and debt offerings by innovative and highly impactful companies in some of the world’s fastest growing economies. Offerings range in size up to €5 million and represent an important asset class in consumer-related sectors such as fintech, telecommunications, energy access, FMCG and leisure. Investee companies are carefully vetted by professional corporate finance and legal teams, and investors can rely on institutional-quality due diligence on every offering. The platform’s integrated investment and portfolio management services include a virtual data room, clear and transparent disclosure documents, a secure online wallet, and regular financial reporting from investee companies. With its bespoke state-of-the-art platform, international reach and class-leading approach to investor protection, Emerging Crowd has set a new standard in online funding portals. The business is headquartered in London and launched to the public in 2015.

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Name CEO: Lucien Moolenaar, Co-Founder
Founded in: 2011 or later
Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.emergingcrowd.com
Company Twitter: @emergingcrowd
Category: Financial Inclusion


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