Encap Security

Encap provides uncompromising authentication for financial institutions, using smart device capabilities.

Encap Security provides device-based strong authentication and e-signature solutions, predominantly to the financial services industry, delivering uncompromising security and user experience across all applications, channels and devices – at internet scale. Encap Security stands apart by making the smart device central to authentication. Traditional authentication solutions like key fobs and one-time passwords are cumbersome for the user, and costly and complex for the financial institutions, because they are constrained by hardware or networks don’t deliver the internet scale required today and tomorrow. Using the smart device, Encap Security makes authentication simple for users, and delivers internet scale, reduces risk and drives service adoption for financial institutions. In order to gain traction, digital services need to be easily and widely accessible. There are now many channels to interact with customers, yet users demand a seamless and consistent user experience across all channels and applications. Banks, challengers and fintechs are fast realising this, spurring interest in and the embrace of advanced authentication technology made possible by mobile. Encap Security makes this possible.

Name CEO: Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen
Founded in: 2007
Country: Norway
Website: https://www.encapsecurity.com/
Company Twitter: @encapsecurity
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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