Fellow Finance

The most advanced P2P lending platform in Northern Europe

Fellow Finance is a marketplace that brings together people in a need to borrow with those who have some to spare. For borrowers the auction based offering mechanism ensures that borrowers get their loan with the lowest possible rate. The borrower can set his own borrowing criteria for investors to bid on – in a way they couldn’t have done in the traditional way of borrowing. For investors Fellow Finance makes it easy to invest in a totally new asset class not available before. The diligent and advanced loan applicant creditworthiness assessment process Fellow Finance investors have been able to reach 13% annual net returns. An efficient secondary market allows the investor to get a live quote price and liquidate his portfolio whenever in a need of cash and the loan allocator makes it easy to automate investments according to the investor criteria. Fellow Finance publishes live statistics on the website for investors and borrowers to follow the marketplace activities.

Name CEO: Jouni Hintikka
Founded in: 2013
Country: Finland
Website: www.fellowfinance.fi/en
Company Twitter: @FellowFinanceFi
Category: Alternative Finance


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