FinanceFox guides its customers through the insurance jungle with a customer-centric approach.

The experience that most people have with insurances is frustrating: 71% of customers worldwide have unpleasant experience with their insurance companies. There is a lack of overview with the insurance terms stored in different paper folders. Prices differ up to 400% for similar services. Only 20% of customers have a positive experience when making a claim. 95% of consumers have more than one insurance company in their portfolio. FinanceFox resolves the pain of the customer with a “Free to Use”-solution offering not only a digital insurance folder where claims and invoices can be handled completely digitally but also by providing a single point of contact through a personal insurance advisors. FinanceFox positions itself as the partner of the traditional insurance brokers (B2B2C), significantly reducing CAC and increasing CLV, by winning higher value customers through the B2B2C approach.

Name CEO: Julian Teicke
Founded in: 2014
Country: Germany
Company Twitter: @FinanceFox
Category: InsurTech


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