Five Degrees

Five Degrees is a financial technology provider delivering next generation banking software to retail and private banks.

Five Degrees is a financial technology provider offering The Real Alternative to banks and other financial institutions wishing to serve their customers different: faster, at lower cost, more transparent, from and to any device and with more insight for all parties involved: bank staff, clients and regulators through Matrix, its core BPM engine & banking solution. Matrix offers a future facing fully automated banking services hub supporting any segment, product or channel through a rich mid office environment, connected to any (legacy) back-office of choice, or the available back office: Matrix Accounts. Matrix operates in a fully automated model with an unparalleled level of self service at every touch point giving both customer and bank instant insight and control in the process. The Web-based mid office portal offers benefits in terms of efficiency in adapting new business processes on the go. Our open services hub integrates with any external service like KYC checks, passport validation, PFM, etc. The mid office portal can be supplied in a number of pre-defined flavours: full retail and SME banking, savings bank, wealth management or micro financing.

Name CEO: Martijn Hohmann
Founded in: 2011 or later
Country: Netherlands
Company Twitter: @fivedegrees
Category: Innovative Banking Software


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