A consumer peer-to-peer loans platform.

Fixura, founded in 2009 and launched in 2010 contributes to the creation of a new sharing economy by providing loans between people – the world’s oldest form of lending. Fixura was the first on the Finnish market in this industry and is still the leading one. High ethical standards are a key factor in The Sharing Economy. By acting in an ethical way and having the highest possible transparency, we diversify from other actors in the financial sector. Continuous innovation in our product-, platform- and marketing development able us to keep the distance to competitors with stronger capital bases. We always strive for good terms in both the borrowers’ and investors’ perspectives. In that way we can build long relationships. Efficiency leads the leadership, organization models and all the employees’ work. When we work in an efficient way, we can give better terms for the customers. Using new efficient technology, we revolutionize the financial world, by bringing it back to basics. Credits between people.

Name CEO: Mirja Palola
Founded in: 2009
Country: Finland
Company Twitter: @Fixura
Category: Alternative Finance


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