Affordable way to send money back home to your friends and family

On Transpaygo’s platform Fonmoney clients can send and receive mobile top up in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Mobile top-up is a day-to-day product and can be used to top-up anyone at your home country if it is your family, friends or even our own prepaid phone for at home. The Sender simply has to type in the phone’s number, select the top-up and pay for it with one of the various payment options offered. Three easy and fast steps and the mobile top-up is delivered. Through the success of mobile-top-up Transpaygo is currently developing a new platform for the transfer of money via the Internet and the mobile phone. This will enable us to provide cheaper solutions to all customers segments than current incumbent offerings. To be accessible to a broader migrant group, we will offer the service also to unbanked receivers. The sender only has to tell us the receiver’s mobile phone number and we create an account for the receiver on our system. To access the money the receiver can chose multiple pay-out options.

Name CEO: Mirko Kinigadner
Founded in: 2011
Country: Austria
Company Twitter: @fonmoney
Category: Financial Inclusion


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