Fraugster Ltd.

Fraugster is a German-Israeli anti-fraud company with the goal of minimizing fraud and maximizing customer profits.

Every year online merchants are losing over €14bn to fraud but are also blocking as much as €243bn in good transactions. So, for every euro of fraud loss over €17 is being lost to false positives! Years of experience in the payment and risk management sectors convinced us that existing anti-fraud technologies are far too outdated to deal with the current state of fraud. We spent the last two years rethinking and redesigning anti-fraud technologies from scratch. The result is an artificial intelligence technology that helps us foresee fraudulent attacks before they actually happen. As a result, we can offer human-like accuracy with machine scalability. This provides each of our clients the best real-time fraud protection while simultaneously giving them the ability to grow. Fraugster is fully compatible with all payment methods and can work with merchants across every country and vertical. Features like these give Fraugster a distinct competitive advantage over every other player in the anti-fraud space. We’re working with some of the most well known payment and eCommerce companies in the world and are responsible for millions of transactions. The whole leadership team has a strong risk and payment background and were involved in companies like PayPal and SumUp.

Name CEO: Max Laemmle
Founded in: 2014
Country: Germany
Company Twitter:
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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