FundApps provides cloud-based regulatory compliance monitoring SaaS to financial institutions including the world's largest asset managers, hedge funds and investment banks.

At FundApps, we are bringing hedge fund technology out of the Middle Ages kicking and screaming. FundApps is a unique compliance service as it provides both technology and content. We make white-hot technology written by some of the best developers around, and partner with the most respected content providers in the industry to deliver the rules and updates which happen so frequently in the financial regulation industry. We are headquartered in London, with clients globally. FundApps is a fast-growing fintech company and was recently named part of the FinTech 50 and Future Fifty. Our team of compliance experts has developed a purpose built shareholding solution that directly addresses these challenges. Our service has been designed based on the input provided by the real compliance experts - the FundApps user community. Combining software and up-to-date regulatory content, provided by aosphere (an affiliate of Allen & Overy), our service addresses the key challenges of shareholding disclosure reporting enabling you to build and sustain a robust compliance infrastructure and a culture of oversight and transparency. It also significantly addresses the risks of non-compliance, which attracts ever stricter penalties. Through this tailored solution, FundApps Rapptr (the name of our Shareholding Disclosure service) can ease your operational burden allowing you to focus on your core business.

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Name CEO: Andrew Patrick White
Founded in: 2010
Country: United Kingdom
Company Twitter: @fundapps
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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