Fundbird - Data Utility for SME finance. We provide the SME credit industry with indepth KYC and data management, while equipping SMEs with finance for their business.

Fundbird is your partner in growth! We empower SMEs by matching you with the best alternative finance and lending products need to grow your business. The alternative lending market is growing at a rapid rate, reshaping the way businesses access capital and grow. With over 100 lenders and products to choose from, finding the right funding for many business owners can be a complicated task. Fundbird helps solve this challenge by finding the best funding solution for SMEs through a simple and easy process. With one online application a business creates a financial passport, making it possible for business owners to access and compare the entire market. We have partnered with over 20 of UK's top lenders, covering loans ranging from £1000 to over £1 million.

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Name CEO: Sharon Argov
Founded in: 2014
Country: United Kingdom
Company Twitter: @fundbirduk
Category: Alternative Finance


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