The world's startup marketplace, powered by the blockchain.

In 2015, over $100bn was invested in startups. None of those investments can be easily bought or sold online. There's no quick path to liquidity. As a result, startup investors wait for years. We are here to fix that with a true marketplace for startup investments. Startup research, syndicated investing, and a path to liquidity through online trading. Funderbeam Markets will go into public beta in Q1 2016. When you invest through Funderbeam syndicates, lead investors and backers won't directly hold startup equity. That's done by the syndicate SPV. Investors receive digital tokens that can be traded on the Funderbeam marketplace. Transparently, securely, and quickly across borders -- token transactions and ownership are recorded on the blockchain. You can get in on more -- and better -- deals and spread your risk. And it'll be easy to get out when you want to. - Global opportunities. - Less time and friction. - Liquidity. Angels and VCs are no longer locked into their investments for years. If they want to offload them in part or in whole -- as long as there are willing buyers — they now can. Both new and existing investments can be tokenized -- turning them into tradable digital assets. - Transparency.

Name CEO: Kaidi Ruusalepp
Founded in: 2013
Country: United Kingdom
Company Twitter: @funderbeam
Category: Alternative Finance


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