FusionATCM supercharges investment manager's Alpha!

FUSIONATCM supercharges progressive, result-focused and authentic investment managers managing financial positions in all major asset classes, to reach alpha combined with absolute investment returns in an ever-changing environmental landscape, now and in the future. FUSIONATCM developed Alpha Trade Cycle Management, or shortened: ATCM. A first of a kind cloud native trade cycle solution which is fast, real time, scalable, flexible, responsive, modular and customizable. The real time client (reporting) web module is accurate, intuitive and transparent for investment managers stakeholders and their clients. It’s accessible at their fingertips. The integrated customizable workflow capabilities enable portfolio managers, compliance traders and related operational staff to work based on intuitive exceptions only, inflating STP rates and decreasing operational cost.

Name CEO: Jordy Miggelbrink
Founded in: 2015
Country: Netherlands
Website: www.atcm.io
Company Twitter: @fusionATCM
Category: Innovative Banking Software


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