Future Finance

Future Finance: Europe’s largest student lender enables talented Millennials to access higher education where traditional financial products are neither accessible nor suitable

Future Finance is Europe’s largest specialist student lender facilitating access to higher education through tailored loans to undergraduates and postgraduates in the UK who need additional funding for tuition fees and living costs. For many students bank loans and other traditional financial products are not accessible or suitable for their needs. Future Finance ensures that those students with the potential to succeed have the opportunity to invest in their careers independently of their choice of university, course or background. Future Finance is the only specialist student lender of this type in Europe. Loans are affordable (up to 10 year repayment time frame, with no early repayment penalties), accessible (use of likely earnings and other granular data in lending decisions facilitates loans to students who have difficulty accessing traditional financial products) and tailored to students’ needs (e.g. three-month repayment holidays available). Since May 2014, Future Finance has lent over £23 million, received over 36,000 applications and has partnerships with 28 universities. Our loans support students, UK universities and the UK economy, as well as the economies of foreign students. Strong loan growth and expansion into new countries will enable many more students to reach their goals in the years ahead.

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Name CEO: Brian Norton
Founded in: 2013
Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.futurefinance.com
Company Twitter: @FutureFinanceLC
Category: Alternative Finance


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