GoCardless provides a simple way and cost-effective way to accept recurring payments via Direct Debit

GoCardless provides a simple and cost-effective way to accept recurring payments. We are the UK's leading Direct Debit provider and currently process more than £1 billion per year for over 13,000 businesses. Direct Debit has always been a reliable method for collecting payments. However, it’s traditionally been difficult to access and complex to set up. It has also required expensive software and lots of manual processes. This makes it time-consuming and only viable for businesses with the resource and budget to manage it. GoCardless has automated and abstracted away the complexities of Direct Debit to expose an interface so simple anyone can use it, yet powerful enough to serve the UK’s largest institutions. We count multi-national businesses on our client list alongside personal trainers, and allow both to save time and focus on their business. Our technology also allows us to keep fees low compared to other payment methods, 1% per transaction, capped at £2. For GoCardless, this is only the start. Our vision is to create a global Direct Debit network, making it easy for anyone to collect Direct Debit payments from anywhere in the world. We’ve started with the Eurozone and Sweden, more countries coming soon.

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Name CEO: Hiroki Takeuchi
Founded in: 2011
Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.gocardless.com
Company Twitter: @GoCardless
Category: Payments


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