is a P2P lending platform where people lend directly to businesses thus getting a better return on their savings and helping small businesses grow

We connect businesses that need a loan with lenders that want to get a higher return for their savings. This way, instead of the typical process where a bank collects money from consumers, turns it around and lends this money to another set of consumers, we’ve created a marketplace online where investors decide what businesses they want to lend money to, what quantity and at which interest rate. We have created a, efficient, transparent and simple platform that’s centred on making the process more efficient and on creating a better experience for the users, both borrowers and lenders. We have a very high satisfaction rate with our customers; for instance more than 70% of our investors participate in more than one loan and we have funded every single project that has been published in the platform. Moreover since our launch one year ago our more than 900 users have already lent 1.5 millon euros to more than 50 Spanish businesses and are obtaining an average of 6-7% yield rate with a 0% default rate at the moment.

Name CEO: Mireia Badia
Founded in: 2011 or later
Country: Spain
Company Twitter: @grow_ly
Category: Alternative Finance


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