We make apps faster, smaller and, above all, more secure.

GuardSquare is the world's leading provider of optimization and obfuscation software for Android. GuardSquare’s open source solution ProGuard is included in software development kits by Oracle, Intel and Google. It has been downloaded tens of millions of times since its release in 2002 and has a user community of over one million developers. Building on the success of ProGuard, GuardSquare now offers DexGuard and DexGuard Enterprise, premium products for the protection of mobile applications against reverse engineering and hacking attacks. GuardSquare is based in Leuven (Belgium) and is currently setting up offices in Asia, the Middle East and North-America. Its client base spans a broad range of industries, from telecommunication, e-commerce and financial services to gaming and new media.

Name CEO: Heidi Rakels
Founded in: 2014
Country: Belgium
Company Twitter: @GuardSquare
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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