Merchants worldwide are replacing antiquated cash registers with Next Generation POS, running on tablets and smartphones with integrated payments – Handpoint is powering NextGenPOS

Cash registers were invented in the 1950s and have since proliferated the market and are being used world wide by small and medium sized merchants. But since the birth of mobile devices, the cash registers are rapidly giving way to new Point of Sale systems (POS) running on tablets and smartphones with integrated card payments instead of separate stand-alone payment terminals. These Next Generation POS (NextGenPOS) solutions are enabling merchants to run their businesses much more efficiently as they give the merchants an overview of their business, inventory and customer interaction (which cash registers don’t). In many ways, NextGenPOS is giving smaller merchants enterprise grade functionality at low cost. Handpoint powers NextGenPOS and works a multitude of software developers of mobile and tablet based POS systems, enabling them to very easiliy and securely accept chip and contactless payments around the world. Learn more at www.handpoint.com, explore our simple APIs and SDKs at dev.handpoint.com or learn more about the disruption of NextGenPOS at www.nextgenpos.com

Name CEO: David Gudjonsson
Founded in: 2009
Country: Iceland
Website: https://www.handpoint.com
Company Twitter: @handpointltd
Category: Payments


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