I/O Digital

a complete Blockchain ecosystem

I/O Digital is actively developing Blockchain technology and aiming for world wide blockchain usage and adoption. With our technology we are creating business opportunities, new jobs and technological innovation in many different sectors. Environmentally friendly, cost effective / redundant and easy adoptable by any company. Blockchain technology is "the internet of trust". Think of storing smart contracts, legal documents, music rights, ownership information, identity info, intellectual property and votes in the blockchain where the consensus model ensures public or private validity of this stored information. - We are creating a full stack Blockchain ecosystem - With a limitless range of potential applications, storing all of data in a single Blockchain wouldn’t be practical. So to make sure we have an infrastructure that can adapt and scale to accommodate all of the services it will come to support we’ve created project “Chameleon I/O”. Chameleon I/O is a framework which will allow for the creation of any number of interoperable I/O Digital sidechains (your own private blockchain). The framework itself will collate data from the various chains and allow the creation of generic control policies via an extensive high level API. For end users this means access to the full range of I/O Digital functions, applications and services from a single interface. With all these developments the team of I/O Digital is able to connect businesses and services to Blockchain technology around the world.

Name CEO: Richard Groen (COO)
Founded in: 2014
Country: Netherlands
Website: www.iodigital.io
Company Twitter: @io_coin
Category: Blockchain / Bitcoin


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