Smarter business decisions on customers, providers or competitors

Insight View, is a newly released business intelligence solution allowing users to find new customers, better understand their current financial situation and manage the credit risk of current business partners in an integrated manner through a single, user-friendly and intuitive web solution. It is a tool designed for SMEs that encapsulates simplified functionality of Customer Analytics and Daas (Data as a Service), allowing users to combine internal customer information with more than 6 million businesses and self-employed in Spain and Portugal. This data is maintained continously updated by Iberinform. It is also the first tool that integrates the three main features typically found scattered in different (eliminar computing) applications and / or sources of information. This solution offers SMEs an affordable and simple platform for identifying potential customers with low risk profile (Marketing), the analysis of groups of companies (Finance) and risk management of a large number of customers (Risk), providing a comprehensive view of any company or group of companies.

Name CEO: Yon Munilla
Founded in: 1975
Country: Spain
Website: www.insightview.es
Company Twitter: @iberinform
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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