Invoice Sharing

Free Electronic Invoice Distribution Platform

We enable companies to improve invoice processes and cash flow using a free electronic invoice distribution platform. Companies connect their accounting system and distribute electronic invoices directly from their system, using the InvoiceSharing cloud, to the system of their clients. And guess what, this is 100% free! InvoiceSharing brings companies 3 great things: It lowers cost. For example reducing the time to process invoices. It Improves cash flow. For example by offering invoice financing. And it even increases your revenues by making a CRM tool of your invoices. InvoiceSharing is audited by Ernst & Young, and can be trusted by any accountant or CFO. InvoiceSharing has 3 revenue drivers. The first is subscriptions, primarily used by companies that automate their invoice process at the accounts payable department and increase productivity. Some companies save more than 50% of their resources in just 6 months. Secondly, InvoiceSharing sells premium products on our marketplace, such as reporting and invoice financing, for small and medium size companies. For every lead we take a small revenue share. And final, InvoiceSharing offers white label versions of the technology to help companies better serve their clients. We believe that sharing makes companies successful! Sharing is the new having!

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Name CEO: Jeroen Volk
Founded in: 2011 or later
Country: Netherlands
Company Twitter: @InvoiceSharing
Category: Alternative Finance


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