"A financial intelligence management system for businesses that work with multiple banks and in multiple countries. "

JACCOO is an easily adaptive Cloud SAAS platform (powered by BLOCKCHAIN Technology) able to integrate seamlessly with ERP and Global Bank infrastructures. JACCOO offers global cash visibility to companies that work with multiple banks or in multiple countries. JACCOO securely routes incoming and outgoing payment transactions between a company’s ERP systems and its banks and archives them in the JACCOO Cloud (Cloud4Banking). This enables a consolidated view of multi-currency cash positions, and control of cash movements across the enterprises (distributed ledger). JACCOO is a fully live, mobile-friendly, cloud-based solution and already processes 200 million transactions per year. The platform makes managing cash across multiple systems easy with a browser/mobile friendly interface that is accessible anytime, anywhere and reduces the time and risk associated with managing multiple accounts by as much as 50%. JACCOO is adding intelligence to core cash management decision making around payments and other transactions, enabling your business to make the best choice all the time. JACCOO supports all banking integrations and all the major standards, so the last thing you will have to worry about is connectivity to your current systems. If we do not support it today, we will support it tomorrow.

Name CEO: Eric-jan Straathof
Founded in: 2012
Country: Netherlands
Website: www.jaccoo.com
Company Twitter: @Cloud4banking
Category: Innovative Banking Software


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