Kontomatik supplies financial organisations with a banking API service that can be used to deliver better services in a faster way.

Kontomatik is a leading provider of the Banking API. The service supplied by Kontomatik is mostly aimed for the banks with competitive products, online lenders that are looking to optimise loan-issuing processes and start-ups that want to build their app around supreme technology. Online Credit Scoring, Instant KYC and Contextual Financial Offers are the key benefits supplied by Kontomatik, yet the main service is the provision of a tool that lets an organisation become a true innovator in the financial industry. Started in 2009 as Kontomierz.pl, a leading Polish personal finance application, the team has seen a significant need in the development of the Banking API. This is why two years later the team has released its first version of the Banking API that was used in the award-winning service - Alior Sync. Since then Kontomatik has been launched not only in Poland, but in 6 more countries. Kontomatik is a result of creativity, hard work and a passion to make the whole financial industry more transparent, consumer oriented and start-up friendly. Today the main aim of Kontomatik is to let financial organisations all over the world to build Financial Industry 2.0.

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Name CEO: Marcin Truszel
Founded in:
Country: Poland
Website: http://kontomatik.com
Company Twitter: @Kontomatik
Category: Innovative Banking Software


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