Pay with your phone easily, quickly and securely

Our mission is to establish this planet ́s most consumer centric mobile wallet that makes payment extremely easy, fast, private and highly secure, and adds value for both the customer and the merchant by providing a useful suite of tools around payment. kRegister (the kWallet application for accepting payments) aims to complement perfectly Apple Pay, Google Wallet, SAMSUNG Pay and kWallet, by accepting payments from these mobile wallets, without the need of any additional hardware for the merchant. kWallet provides: 1. Outstanding user experience, simple and cool (patent application protected system). 2. Time saving and revenue boosting for the merchant. 3. Solid, certified security. kWallet is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. This allows for an awesome user experience, and at the same time guaranteeing highest security standards. Moreover it does not need NFC, it does not need a Secure Element and it is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. We have created an entirely new and unique payment process, with a patent application protected tokenization system, that enables payments without transmitting any credit card data between the kWallet user ́s and the merchant ́s device. No credit card data, no payment sensitive data at all is stored on the mobile phone. Moreover the kWallet user ́s privacy is highly protected: The merchant does not find out the customer’s name, the credit card number or the security code. A total of 5 patent applications protect kWallet against imitation. kWallet not only works well enough for mainstream adoption, but it is enthusiastically loved by people, because it is so easy, fast and painless to use in comparison to paying with cash or plastic card. And even more: it is really fun to use. Anyone who tries it out, will experience this.

Name CEO: Markus Lobmaier
Founded in: 2009
Country: Austria
Company Twitter: K-wallet
Category: Payments


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