Social crowdfunding platform where people can finance SMEs in upcoming economies at an interest rate of 3-4% with the main goal to create jobs.

In high-income countries small and medium enterprises (SMEs) provide 60% of the jobs. In emerging countries they only account for 30% of the jobs. The best reinforcement for any economy is a strong middle class. If employment grows, poverty reduces. Eventually health care and education, amongst others, will improve as well. The problem lies in the fact that SMEs in emerging countries often do not have access to (affordable) financing. We are the only online platform where people can invest in small & medium businesses in emerging markets while obtaining a fair interest rate. The average loan size is USD 10,000 Selection and monitoring is done by local financial institutions that have extensive experience in this field. They hold buffers in case a company cannot repay the loan, reducing the risk on non-payment to the crowdfunders (the crowdfunders basically assume credit risk to the local partners). Overall Lendahand offers a unique proposition that is in between saving and investing in SMEs, where people are in control of their money and create social impact. So far, USD 5,000,000 has been lent to 600 companies in 5 countries by 1.000 investors.

Name CEO: Peter Heijen
Founded in: 2012
Country: Netherlands
Website: www.lendahand.com
Company Twitter: @LendahandEU
Category: Alternative Finance


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