Lunar Way

We offer licence free full service banking through collaboration, so our clients always get the best deal for them.

Our model incorporates multiple partner banks fronted by our innovative tech and UX. We are creating a unique partner model to blend the strengths of a cutting edge tech company with the regulatory expertise of the incumbent banks. Playing to our strengths means we can offer intuitive full service banking without a license, but with true flexibility and relevance. It also allows us to simplify the banking experience, and use technology to create new features for our users. Our way ensures the consumer gets the best product for them at any given time, whatever they need, in any country. Our partner banks will continue in a modified, but potentially more profitable, role. This provides the consumer with a far more desirable overall banking experience. We’re removing the negativity from banking. Our exceptional customer service standards are maintained through contact in the customer’s digital world, so we’re always available, and always in tune with their needs. Oh. Did we mention we'll be subscription based only?

Name CEO: Ken Villum Klausen
Founded in: 2015
Country: Denmark
Company Twitter: @thelunarway
Category: Challenger Banks


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