milliPay Systems

milliPay makes micropayments as simple as browsing, enabling media companies to profitably monetise price points down to EUR 0.001.

Small payments are prohibitively expensive due to fixed / minimum fees, which put a magical lower limit of EUR 0.99 for online payments. milliPay is a Swiss micropayment provider, based on a patent-pending crypto protocol, that is about 3'000 times more efficient than common payment technologies. This efficiency allows the company to charge a variable transaction fee only, enabling transactions down to EUR 0.001. Moreover, milliPay combines payment and identity and access management into a simple plug and pay solution. It thereby enables users to pay, as simple as within iTunes - with 1 click (at most) across websites and screens, and to access and re-access purchases, without creating additional profiles or . Users can sign up for the platform independent (initially) prepaid wallet within 45sec, and top up with standard payment options. However, payment providers can also directly connect e.g. wallets, cards or accounts with milliPay to make them "micropayable".

Name CEO: Gerrit Sindermann
Founded in: 2011
Country: Switzerland
Company Twitter: @millipay
Category: Payments


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