Moneytis creates the booking,com of money transfers

Sending money abroad is still really complex, I’ve been an expatriate for 6 years and I kept asking myself the same question - how should I transfer my money? There are so many solutions, so many I cannot trust, and not one available in every country. It’s like if you try to book a hotel, and cannot use airbnb or The worst part is that the fees are hidden and it is truly hard as a user to understand fees because of biased exchange rates. Let me introduce Moneytis, The of money transfer, The single place to compare choose and use the best money transfer offers from all licensed providers such as Western Union. It takes a couple of clicks to be sure to find the cheapest, fastest and easiest service. We found out that the best way to reduce money transfers costs was to facilitate competition, if everyone was using moneytis they would save in average 5% of what they send. Last be not least, we believe in blockchain technology, experience with it and created the cheapest solution to send money from Mexico to Europe.

Name CEO: Etienne Tatur
Founded in: 2015
Country: France
Company Twitter: @MONEYTIS
Category: Blockchain / Bitcoin


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