The cheapest way to send money worldwide!

MoneyTrans was the first low cost European money transfer company which started in January 2002 with a new concept of flat fee per transfer versus the traditional progressive pricing scheme. We have always been the cheapest way to send money through a multi-channel model, letting our customers choose how to send their money: from a retail store or via a web/mobile platform. This exclusive HYBRID model enables us to catch an extremely large customer base whether cash based or tech enthusiast. We can even create a bridge between digital & traditional "branch" models by converting cash into mobile money that can be later used on our online platforms. We have served more than 3,5M customers in 2015 and we are the only ones offering our well established paying network to other FinTech companies. We master perfectly the entire value chain, from source to destination, down to the last mile!

Name CEO: Francisco Sanchez
Founded in: 2002
Country: Belgium
Company Twitter: @FranciscoSApell
Category: Payments


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